Fury Road - Nux Illustration

I decided that my next piece would be human and who better than Nux from the incredible Fury Road?

I laid outh the sketch on tan paper and started blocking in the eyes. For me, the picture doesn't come alive until the eyes are in place. Once that is done, the rest just comes naturally.

Blocking in the basic skin tones and the mouth is next. I'm finding that I really am enjoying the mix of watercolors, colored pencils, and mechanical pencil. I learned a great deal watching Drew Struzan's video on designing the Hellboy movie poster. I don't think I will every start using an airbrush. I find I like the control of a brush better.

Putting the black sharpie in allows the figure to pop from the background. It isn't that I don't like backgrounds, I just want to focus on the main character.

After laying in the Sharpie, I then painted over the area with black watercolor.

A bit of detailing with the mechanical pencil, colored pencil, and watercolor Chinese white for highlights.